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Openly religious people "should not be president".

This is the key. I believe individuals have the right to believe whatever they want or whatever they were being indoctrinated into previously - anything for any reasons - the fact that some of those reasons may be unreasonable or even illegal is another issue.

But, it applies only on individual belief.
When a person becomes a public leader, someone we entrusted with power to influence other people AT OUR COST - then his/her belief becomes important, if it affects his/her public action (which it definitely does / will do if it is fanatical).

These are subtle differences, and we need to have positive laws / regulations to differentiate them.

But the implications are clear, as mentioned by Ebert - and since some of the distinctions are not very well defined (e.g. how different are the christianity levels between Dubya and Obama? there definitely some difference, how much? how to quantify them?) -- then the "should not".

Definitions ..

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