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I just read the Holy Rabbit link above and I gotta say I don’t like this counter argument much. It’s funny and yes the argument it’s poking fun at is indeed dumb as nuts but the rabbit analogy isn’t a fair one IMO. I’ve seen theists do the same kind of “analogy fail” on evolution, likening it to dice rolling and casino games and the problem isn’t evolution but the crap analogy and I’m uncomfortable when I see us do similar analogies to the theists. I think the humour of comparing god to a rabbit actually DISTRACTS from the ridiculousness of the arguments the theists put forward.

Or perhaps I’m still in a bad mood from this Christmas malarkey :-)

PS: Deepity: Any statement that has two meanings one of which is true but superficial and another that is profound but meaningless. I would like to expand the meaning to any statement that on the face of it appears deep and insightful but on further examination is stupid as I want to use the word more often.

EDIT:I apologise for the appalling grammar in this post. I am suitably ashamed of myself.

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