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I wonder how much the fundraiser raised if you don't take into account the contributions of Richard and Todd.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this, even if only $10 (I was unemployed up until a few days ago, and hopefully my job will last). I plan to donate again on the National Day of Prayer. NYC Atheists calls it the National Day of Reason and donates blood, but I cannot do that because of the way I process sugar (some weird cross between hypoglycemia and a pre-diabetic stage, the latter which I narrowly escaped through weight loss), so I will donate to RDFRS instead. I might also volunteer in a soup kitchen for a day. At any rate, more to come from me in May. After I get my Master's and am able to get a real job that actually pays, I just might donate each month. No, really... this foundation and what it stands for is wonderful.

And thank you, Richard, for writing all the books that have raised my consciousness, made me want to understand the world more than ever, and made me appreciate the world more than ever. I'm halfway through "Climbing Mount Improbable," and after that "The Ancestor's Tale" is all I'll have left. Then I'll freeze myself until your next book is released in '11. ;)


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