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Comment #445696 by LogicalSimplicity:

You call this the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, but it obviously should be called the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Atheism. This website is almost entirely atheism; "Reason and Science" is added on almost as a footnote. The "Reason and Science" that IS discussed here is usually little more than a trojan horse for militant atheism (for instance, telling us ad nauseam that no designer is necessary).
So no response to my question as to what you think the money will specifically be used for, just a vague rant.

To be charitable, the best that you come out to be is a concern troll. But even this doesn't work.

Why do you think I raised the likes of the Institute for Creation Research (I could have named the Discovery Institute or the Creation Ministries International)? What do you think these organisations are involved in, Christian charity? Or are they deliberately trying to undermine the role of rationalism, the Enlightenment and science (and specifically Darwin's theory of evolution) as a step towards establishing some kind of theocracy (Have a look at Christian Reconstructionism, the belief of one of the primary funders of the DI if you don't believe me). Given the fact that these organisations are continually attempting to insinuate their material into schools and the media do you not realise that funding is need to produce information to counter this. Or had you not thought it out that far?

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