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The rabbit analogy works for me. Jabberwocky is so fantastic that the image provides no handle on the reality that many do worship god as a real being, no matter how metaphorically they wax like Armstrong does. Miranda's true rabbit is just as ridiculous as Armstrong's negative version of the true god, but its rabbitness, even if it is just the word rabbit to which it is linked, gives that frisson of a connection to how real these believers take their god to be.

Miranda's rabbit is just not any rabbit, like the god of Armstrong is just not any god. Plenty of untrue gods and plenty of untrue rabbits. Miranda's rabbit is the true one. The way in which Miranda describes the true rabbit, you know damn well she is not talking about the common rabbit, just like we know Armstrong is not discussing the common god.

FG, focusing on what your favorite entity is not is like focusing on the periods when one is not taking drugs, smoking cigs, or drinking booze. And when you do smoke, drink, or fix up, oh wow, how delightful. It's a mind fuck, plain and simple. It's how you can keep yourself not getting acclimated to the high that results from when you do get all wrapped up in the friggin' numinous.

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