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Steve Z: I would argue that most people really have no idea what it is that they worship, so substituting "Jabberwocky" for "God" would have no effect. "God" is simply what they want him to be,...

It is my understanding from discussions with theists, is they need their god to be real no matter how vague, how rationalized, how ridiculous it may appear. Reality is what counts though their belief is couched in the supernatural. For some theists, there is no natural, just supernatural, including our universe. For other theists, what is considered to be supernatural, will one day become common natural knowledge.

So smack them in the face with something real, like a rabbit, and not a jabberwocky. Because that is how they feel about their god, that it is real (and v special like Miranda's rabbit).

Thu, 31 Dec 2009 21:15:00 UTC | #427239