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I entirely agree that this blasphemy law is ridiculous and a limitation on free speech. It will also be used by the PC 'liberal' (?) facists to stop any form of dissent or perceived insult of any religion. This 'law' should be opposed.

However it is a little childish and immature (as well as playing into the hands of those who support the law) to encourage people to 'blaspheme' as much as possible. It then ends up with the kind of inane and ignorant comments that make atheists look like schoolboys.

ANd be careful about the 'silencing people to protect ideas' argument. Does that mean that racist comments should be allowed in order to avoid silencing people to protect ideas?

Having said that - this law strikes me as a very dangerous law, for Christians as well as athiests.

Happy New Year to you all...

Sat, 02 Jan 2010 15:59:00 UTC | #427685