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At least, one would think, when the larger trees had all been used and they could no longer build canoes to connect them back to Polynesians on other islands, or to fish, they would have stopped for a breather and taken stock.

But no, instilled in the Rapanui was the conviction that their religion was right - that it was infallible - and they carried on.
There being only archeological traces of the Rapa Nui left, I figure your comments must include speculation. Surely we can't know that the Rapa Nui never wavered in their (inferred) convictions: they may equally have come to their senses in large enough numbers, but at a time when it was too late to reverse the deforestation and erosion.

Your essential point about being doomed by religion remains unchallenged: I only question what sounds like unwarranted certainty in your account of what happened.

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