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Can we first just point out that it is not the cartoonist's fault, and they haven't done anything wrong.

The article is pure "appeasement" and that's indeed what has us in this situation in the first place, when people with mad and demonstrably dangerous beliefs are told that they're ok to hold them, and indeed we'll even protect their beliefs from any and all criticism. And indeed, such appeasement must stop.

As an atheist I'm happy enough to stand up to any attack on my lack of belief in god(s) and rationally argue the case without threat of violence. Unless theists can all rise to the challenge (as many can judging from internet discussions) and discuss their beliefs without resorting to violence, they going to have to develop a really thick skin.

But really, that's the key to living in peace and harmony - a really thick skin. Time to develop one now.

Mon, 04 Jan 2010 19:25:00 UTC | #428403