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One commenter over at the Guardian site (Nancy Graham Holm was raked over the coals and rightly so) stated that the Jyllands-Posten had the right to publish the cartoons.

I think it goes farther than that, as a custodian of free speech, they had a duty publish them.

No idea is above criticism, and the more aberrant the idea (religion in general, islam as the most dangerous to civilization), the more public the rebuttal must be.

It's too bad that most other western publications were and are too gutless to publish them.

Continued re publication in many journals would remove the focus of islamic extremists from a single newspaper.

This would normalize the depiction of muhammad (the mythological, genocidal, epileptic and pedophilic one from the 7th century) and perhaps allow "moderate" muslims to start criticizing their religion in public.

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