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Is anyone here discussing open marriages? If Tiger Wood's wife understood that she had agreed to an "open" marriage, I very much doubt she would have attacked him with a golf club or anything else, for which, as others have stated, she perhaps should be charged with assault.

What most people here seem to be discussing is dishonesty... the importance of which, on a continuum, is very subjective ... and hypocrisy.

Most of the people I have ever met who have been cheated on, rate their partner's loyalty as being very high on their list of "must haves", perhaps higher than their partner's attitude to, say, theft. The funny thing is that the people I know who have cheated have also rated their partner's fidelity as being high on THEIR list too! Multiple adulterers will cry and swear revenge when they are on the receiving end.

Infidelity is no-one's business if they are not involved, but deceived partners are involved and perhaps could be seen to be privately "provoked" into public behaviour that would otherwise be seen as unacceptable. High emotion doesn't pass through the "reason" areas of the brain, after all!

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