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I've always found it interesting that religion is not more prominent in American popular culture considering how religious we are as a nation.

There are certainly a huge number of 'self-help' type books about religion that sell very well (like Rick Warren's book). But in terms of fiction there doesn't seem to be a huge selection. I know about the Left Behind series, which apparently is popular, but not much else. I suppose Twilight might count as somewhat religious but I honestly don't know enough about it. In any case, when you consider the insane levels of religiosity in the US, it is a pretty stark contrast.

There was actually a TV show last Spring called Kings that was a sort of modern retelling of the story of David and Goliath. I thought it was kinda neat but ultimately it failed in the ratings and was canceled. Apparently this is a common trend for shows with religious themes.

Interestingly, it tends to be animated shows that actually depict going to church and the like--for example, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, or Family Guy. These shows also tend to be parodies of American life. Hmm...

So I think godless fiction goes beyond just SF (although I think as a genre it is more godless than most). I would really be interested in knowing why this is--it would seem like someone who pandered to religious Americans on TV would do really well (remember that Mel Gibson movie?)

Who knows, maybe religious people find all that God stuff just as boring as we do.

(Couldn't resist :P)

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