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I can almost understand the appeal of these BS explanations.

When faced with something that is complicated, it's a lot easier to shrug and say 'god did it' than it is to spend 8 years in university, read a few hundred books, spend years in a lab and on the field, publish multiple papers, and only then partially understand the original question.

While I can understand the appeal of a quick, easy answer over actually doing work to find out the truth, I simply can not understand how anyone can be satisfied by those empty answers.

Don't stop once you've found the one person who agrees with you. Look at the evidence! Think of every plausible explanation for those facts, then pick the one that has the fewest holes, makes the fewest assumptions, and doesn't contradict all the other accepted theories out there.

Thu, 07 Jan 2010 22:53:00 UTC | #429819