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Here is why the "new atheism" and atheism in general is gaining ground. As a species, we learn. We get smarter by learning right from wrong, generation by generation. We still have bigotry and war, but if you look at the world today compared to 500 years ago, compared to 1000 years ago, compared to 5000 years ago...we continue to make progress. Very slowly, with backsliding here and there, but the progress is there. Eventually religion will be a thing of the past. Eventually few if any will believe in a fairytale god, or heaven just as we no longer believe in the need for human sacrifice. I won't live to see it and who knows...maybe the human race won't live to actually make it that far, but that's the path we are on. It's the path of science, truth and materialism and it's a good, steady, inexorable path that gives me great comfort. I pray for it every night. :)

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