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SaintStephen, I read the two blockquotes in your post #449646 to mean two different things. As an exercise, I can try rewriting Russell Blackford’s quote without the verb to be. Some people call this ”E-Prime” to mean English without the verb to be. I’ll try this:

E-Prime: Rundle’s comments about the implausibility of science miss the point. Yes, untutored human common sense finds many scientific ideas nonintuitive or counterintuitive.
I think that still means what Blackford meant, and it also highlights what Blackford was doing. He was helping us, as a philosopher, by pointing to a roadmap and showing us where Rundle took a wrong turn.

But your doppelganger says Rundle is an idiot (and I italicized the verb is to point out this is what E-Prime advocates call speaking in “deity mode”). Blackford did not say that, or mean that. I think this is a fair synopsis of how you changed the meaning:
Blackford: Rundle missed a point (and Blackford wants us to see the point on a map).
Doppelganger: Rundle is an idiot (and you want people to feel angry about something).

Your anger and profanity have done you a disservice. First, you don’t see that you changed Blackford’s meaning, because your anger and profanity have obscured your own thinking. Blackford was not being pedantic, he was saying something completely different than you. Second, in your arguments here advocating anger and profanity, your post #449646 is a good example to show how anger and profanity fail. There may be a time and place for anger and profanity, but your confusion in your post #449646 counts as evidence against them, not for them.

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