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← Atheist Richard Dawkins aids Haiti, touts God-free giving

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I lost my place pointing and clicking and I thought a hacker swapped a photo of Richard with FSM here. My mistake! The USA Today article we’re talking about by Cathy Lynn Grossman struck me as totally positive. And Richard gave them something positive to write about.

I’m with Cartomancer (on both his posts so far). I’m an atheist, and I’m giving, and I might as well give through Non-Believers Giving Aid. The only caveat I see of substance is what Spinoza raised, about whether the donations would go to the MSF Emergency Relief Fund.

But does giving as atheists make atheists look bad (to others) or feel shame or guilt (to ourselves)? I don’t have time to fathom how perverse that seems. Thanks to Cartomancer for “post-christian” as a name for that.

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