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If someone who is a homeopath wants to work with someone who wants the homeopathic remedies, what business is it of anyone's?

Demonstrations and protests are a foundation of freedom of speech, no doubt. I would be the last person to silence speech of ANY kind.

I do find it interesting that someone who makes a choice whereas the choice has no affect on you, is the target of such ire.

I didn't realize that the ire toward religion, homeopathy and the like wasn't about freedom of all such things from government where pluralistic tax dollars are being utilized, but instead, about trying to control someone else's behavior, thinking, and choices.

Isn't that the same approach religious people attempt quite often? Self-righteousness, whereas because something is right for you it must be right for all, as such, all must subjugate to it?

Isn't that what islam does? convert, subjugate or die.

Live your life at no cost to others without their consent. If a person makes a choice in life that does not infringe on your free choices, why do you care?

I shifted to a place of not caring about religion or religious "beliefs" of another human being, only in that he does not try and use government to favor such or endorse such.

You can set yourself up for looking stupid in the future if science discovers that homeopathy was approached in error and actually was a valid form of treatment.

And in the end, why do you care?

As long as homeopathy isn't being covered by socialistic government run health care (so my tax dollars aren't funding ANY person's health care) what care do I have that another human being wants to make a free choice for what works for him.

If a man thinks that jelly beans will cure his illness, let him enjoy it as long as I don't have to pay for it and his choice does not infringe on any free choices of others.

I have no need to control others. If you do, you might ask yourself why.

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