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Bit of a mix-up here from Ricky. He doesn't mind people believing in God at all, but hates organised religion, especially religious fascism. Does he see no connection - i.e. that the former enables the latter to operate?

I loved the way he found out, though: through realising that there was something to hide; something that 'must not be talked about'. That's the real give-away with dogma.

I think his "...4 million species that have evolved by accident..." line is just another way of saying "nobody planned it or made it happen for any particular reason", rather than a misunderstanding of the non-random power of natural selection. In my experience, he understands most of science pretty well, even when he's deliberately making it simplistic for humour's sake (and a lot of comedians do that).

BTW, you might like to fix that first sentence:

Ricky Gervais: Well, I loved Jesus.

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