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12. Comment #452023 by Jos Gibbons on January 19, 2010 at 7:12 am
I too find Gervais's description of evolution annoying. The possibility that "by accident" simply means "unintentionally" as opposed to "without nonrandom aspects leaning towards adaptation, such as natural selection" is encouraging, but is it viable? He typically tries to explain evolution to Karl Pilkington with reference to the infinite monkey theorem, which tells us that chance will get the result eventually. However, in Horizon episode The Blind Watchmaker (as well as the original book), Richard Dawkins illustrated how much slower genuine chance is than natural selection.
At the risk of committing the sin of a “me too” post I have to say I agree. This is why I never want to meet him because I’d want to be cool in that situation but I know the very first thing I’d say would be “Natural selection is NOT accident!” Which I suspect is about as far from “cool” as you could get. :-)

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