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That's the best interview I've ever seen Richard Dawkins give. He comes over as being a great listener, capable of thinking on his feet and really interested in the other point of view, rather than being simply exasperated by the same old nonsense. In other interviews he occasionally seems on the verge of losing his cool (or maybe it's just my own blood that's boiling through not being able to jump through the TV screen and strangle whoever he's debating).
I think Richard does better when he's matched by another civilised person who has no desire to antagonise, and Alistair McGrath is certainly civilised. However, whereas Richard came across as genuinely human, Alistair McGrath, with his head constantly cocked to one side in pensive pose and his infuriatingly condescending manner, was almost robot-like and it made me wonder if he is completely human. I actually started to wonder if he also talks to his wife and in this authoritative-lecturing style, as this is the only style I've ever heard him use (he also, equally infuriatingly, debated Peter Atkins). Rather than the actual discussion, I became obsessed with the following question: Are we dealing here with a real human being or a 'humanoid', something akin to a 'pod-person' in Invasion of the Body-Snatchers?

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