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Doesn't the slippery, addled blather of McGrath just about distil the 'intellectual' basis of Christianity? Pressed quite reasonably by Dawkins to explain the inconsistency in claiming his god can, and does, on occasion save an individual child whereas in most cases it is humanity's lot to learn about existence through capricious hardship, McGrath can come up with no better than the standard Christian trump card along the lines of 'well, I've explained myself quite satisfactorily, if you cannot understand it I'm not going over it any more.' If you wish to observe the true essence of Christian thought, as practiced an Oxford theologian scholar, look no further than 49:40. Apart from the temerity of chiding Dawkins, as if he is some dullard undergraduate, McGrath is apparently completely unaware of the ludicrousness of his own position. Tssch. Christians are the same the world over. Only this one puts up the semblance of a reasonable argument. Which makes him even less worthy of any respect for his lofty academic position. Utterly shameful. A complete fake.

Wed, 30 May 2007 20:56:00 UTC | #43459