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Can I just ask where all this "labelling" is going on? I don't see it happening in any walk of life. Children "are" brought up in certain ways. But they don't get labels stuck on them.

Doctors don't give a blood transfusion because the child has a "label"? I don't think so - more likely because the parents prevent them. Where do labels come into it?

Describing a child as christian is just shorthand. If it's used at all. Personally I have never heard or seen the description "a christian child" or "a muslim child". It's really not very common. And if I did see the phrase, I would simply assume it meant a child brought up by christian/muslim parents. So bleeding obvious. So bleeding what?

If the parents are christian, then the children are most likely brought up as christians. If the parents are keynesian, the children will be brought up as keynesian. Which puts the lie to your fatuous analogy. It's a simple family-based process. Parents bring up their children according to their beliefs and backgrounds. That's what they do. And bears shit in the woods.

If there really is an argument to be had here, you're going to have to change all the words, because it's not only Norman Tebbit who doesn't get it. Please, enough with the talk about *labels*. If you're talking about indoctrination and divisiveness, then fine, please start using those words so everybody can know what you're talking about. Of course that is an important issue.

Banging on with this label business is about as relevant as anecdotes about PG Woodhouse. It just makes you look stupid. Because even if you do have a valid point to make and even if you are right, if the everybody else in the room is looking at you as if you are stupid, then you will be regarded as stupid. And that's what happened on this show, despite your good showing at the end.

We want to be on your side, but we have no idea what these labels are that you're going on about. Change the script!!

Sun, 24 Jan 2010 20:57:00 UTC | #434815