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Yes, Jacobsen is obviously suffering from some sort of mid/late-life crisis in which he's desparate to come to terms with the meaning of his own existence. Or something.

He is unmistakeably of the impression that atheists cannot appreciate art, music or literature. He also evidently has almost no scientific knowledge on the subject (though admittedly more than that nutter preacher who obviously gets his from answers-in-genesis), otherwise he'd be well aware of the majesty and beauty of the scienfic explanation of creation and how much that outclasses the crappy little Genesis version.

Quite a lot of what he said simply didn't add up and I spent a lot of the time yelling at the TV.

But he's obviously not an idiot either and some of it was quite piercing. He would totally cut the crap in one segment then wax lyrical and barmy the next. Very strange!

Sun, 24 Jan 2010 23:22:00 UTC | #434837