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The part that did it for me was fifty minutes in, when Richard's tenacity, superior debating skills and of course being armed with truths, had the man flummoxed. Darwin's rottweiler had the rag and Christ's Yorkshire terrier had yapped itself into a state of exhaustion, wishing it could crawl up its own arse. Whereas The Hitch gives a verbal bitch slapping, a Richard Dawkins onslaught is the verbal equivalence of ripping out the theist heart and watching its last beats. I don't feel that I would ever want to see Richard debate that imbecile again as he has proven himself not up to the task, that's him finished. What a team the musketeers are, they give me hope and make me glad to live in these times.

Sun comes up, sun goes down.

Thu, 31 May 2007 12:43:00 UTC | #43650