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Keith asked:

I actually started to wonder if he also talks to his wife and in this authoritative-lecturing style

Well if he's an Evangie, then his wife will know her place, ie baby factory. The man is the covenant head of the household. Woman is subservient. Bible tells us this. Also tells us that Christ is superior to the man, so there!

Go along to any evangie "fellowship" supper - you can bet your bottom dollar its 100% women who are doing the catering, cleaning up and so on.The men sit around and discuss heady matters as befits their covenantally superior position.

I know. I used to go there. I've seen it. And if like me, you are a man, and you DO help with the washing up, they look at you kinda funny.....

Thu, 31 May 2007 13:12:00 UTC | #43655