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The most passionate advocates of evolutionary theory offer a vision of man as a kind of historical accident. That being the case, many believers — myself included — reject arguments for evolution that dismiss the possibility of divine causality.

I am always mystified by those who accept the facts of evolution but still try to claim divine causality. In a way, I have more respect for those who simply cling to insisting that Genesis is all literally true. Why, after all, would God go to all the trouble of creating some sort of primordial sludge in order to spawn simple microbes and then algae, fungi, arthropods, etc. etc. all the way up through dinosaurs then mass exttinction followed by the agonizingly slow trudge to mankind (and everything else we see around us). Why would he not simply wave his magic wand and *ping* instant Special Chosen Organism!

(And, respectufully, Sen. Brownback, yes we do have a unique place in the world. And so does everything else.)

Thu, 31 May 2007 13:17:00 UTC | #43658