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Comment #456148 by Fyre13

What I did recently during a Sunday lunch when the question for a glas of wine came up, I put a table spoon of red wine into a large glas and filled it up with water. To question marks in their eyes I said "that's your hemeopathic wine" to which complete silence followed. I hope this did the trick.

Unless, I've completely missed the point of homeopathy, I think you've completely missed the point of homeopathy here.

You would dilute wine a gajillion times in order to cure the effects that wine causes in its normal undiluted state. Mitchell and Webb made the same mistake in their Homeopathy Hospital sketch with the homeopathic lagers.

According to the woo, your concoctions would cure drunkenness. Actually, as all you would have is water this is probably the only homeopathic remedy that might have a genuine effect.

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