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The Cranmer article is idiotic.

The fact is, fundamentalist Christians equally as batty as pat Robertson IN THE UK, never mind America, are very influential.

(Terry Sanderson at the National Secualr Society has long been warning about this)

The Christian Institute and Christian Concern For Our Nation are extremely clever at lobbying MPs and the House of Lords. The CI managed to defeat the Equality bill - which would ensure gay people cannot be sacked by religious organisations - last week by briefing and misleading the Lords on the implications of the bill.

They are extremely good at getting coverage for their campaigns in the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, and have whipped the nation up into a frenzy with misleading stories about persecuted teachers, marriage registrars and nurses.

Three years ago the Bishop of Carlisle blamed the floods in Sheffield and Hull on the god's wrath because of the sexual orientation regulation (ensuring gays aren't discriminated by service providers). Equally as evil and stupid as Pat Robertson's comment.

So, Richard's critique of moderate Christians is perfectly justified, especially as they are the last to raise their voices when fundamentalists spout their usual homophobic or anti-semitic hatred.

Well done Richard, and keep up the good work.


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