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Earlier in the thread he seems to be condemning any notion of an objective moral standard by which we can judge 'right and wrong'. Yet at the same time he accuses Christianity of being rotten to the core and condemns the church for oppressing women and gays. Since there is no god and all morality is the product of random events its hard to untangle Steve's position.

Steve's point, if I may, is that there is no objective God-given moral standard; what we live with today (and it is by no means universal across cultures) has been established by trial and error (mostly error) and through many hard-won battles, legal, social and otherwise. What it is definitely NOT is "the product of random events" - that's a strawman and a poorly constructed one to boot! However, that by no means indicates that there is a "god". Clearly, there is much to the argument that morality is situation-dependant, flexible and human inspired.

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