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I am glad he phrased it that way. You might only be confused because the pro-life whackjobs go around showing people pictures of post-abortion fetal tissue that came from a very, very late abortion, as if it represents the majority of abortions. Exactly the opposite is true. Late term abortions are extremely rare.

EDIT: Only thing I disagree with is the end, where it invokes "free speech". This isn't a matter of free speech. CBS would have every right to censor the commercial (as they have done in the past, notably rejecting an ad for a Christian church that promotes tolerance and acceptance of gay people), and we have every right to pressure them to do so. Personally I think it should be their policy to reject all ads with socio-political statements.

Unless someone seriously suggested that the government should intervene? Otherwise "free speech" is not an issue.

Wed, 03 Feb 2010 20:30:00 UTC | #438213