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My mother was sitting in a abortion clinic when she had a change of mind and went home again. 8 months later I was born. When she later on, just a few years ago, told me this while crying of shame I told her that she had to get a grip and clever up.

First, I gladly pay my existence for her right to her own body. Gladly!

Second, she was never in a position to kill or abuse me personally in any way, or deprive me of anything that was mine, or belonged to anyone else (Do you here that Mr Pope & Co?). I won't bother her about my kid brothers and sisters she never had and I won't blame her for almost not having me. It's absurd.

And what made her sad and full of guilt for all those years? What traditions and morally faulty ideas made her think she was less of a mother? Who ever you are who dictate morals on this subject for others to feel bad, to be harmed from, shame on you, shame!

And look at the harm, the destruction this goodness free idea spread in the world, look! It's not a question "if" abortion is okay, it's a question of the immorality the opposite holds. So, I won't say your opinion is okay, I say it's harmful, that it is bad and unethical in a thousand ways. What about that?

Strident? Who calls Richard strident? He is as polite you can be on this question.

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