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Many years ago, one seldom hear of Muslims becoming atheists or agnostics, or denouncing the teachings of their religion. It is very encouraging to see more of them speaking up and criticising the religion's barbarism and misogynistic teachings, despite the danger that these ex-Muslims expose themselves to.

Although Ibn Warraq is very famous among the Muslim apostates, unfortunately, due to censorship laws in my country, I have never been able to obtain nor read his apostasy book "Why I Am Not A Muslim" (well, Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" is banned here too).

Fortunately, the internet has allowed me to read such literature. The first and most influential was from Ali Sina (a pseudonym like Ibn Warraq's), who now runs the site. His apostasy story is told here:

If you found Lisa's story moving, I am sure you will find Ali Sina's story just as captivating.

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