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There's one thing I might change about Part 3 if I wrote it today -- I spend a lot of time talking about "Islam," or as I clarify it, "Islam as I then understood it."

Personally I don’t think that you spent too much time discussing Islam (sorry, “Islam”!). It was insightful reading how you viewed the religion and your opinions from personal experience. It also helped explain why it was that you converted. After all for those reading that’s one of the things they would most like to understand.

Well...I tend towards the view that there is no "Islam" (or "Christianity," or any other religion) outside of what believers do and believe.

Ultimately I think you are right. But that’s because I’m an atheist and believe religion is nothing more than a misguided belief. But for people who do believe, it is real. God does actually exist, he did actually create the universe and he therefore should be honoured and praised. But to believe this they must have a view as to how he should be honoured and praised (consciously or not) i.e. Protestant or Catholic, Sunni or Shi’ite etc but they obviously must feel that their way to praise is correct otherwise they would choose another way. But by extension if they feel that their way is right that means everyone else must be wrong. Enter war and genocide stage left….

That’s my thoughts anyhow. Although no doubt other posters will quickly jump in to point out where my logic has gone horribly wrong ;- )

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