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If you want to entertainment on this pop over to see what Andrew Brown has been saying about it.

In essence, he has been claiming that the NSS is demanding that religious people get longer sentences.

In Sanderson's world, judges should say things like "Although you have no previous convictions, you are none the less a follower of Pope Benedict XVI and so unable to tell right from wrong. I therefore find myself compelled to impose a custodial sentence"

He has of course been thoroughly hammered in the comments, to the extent that the Guardian has had to close the thread overnight.

I've put in a complaint to the editors, on the What do you want to talk about? thread.

I've complained that AB has broken the community guidelines which the Guardian expects all below-the-line commenters to abide by, that he's making up facts, that he's engaging in personal attacks, and that he is very much in the habit of targeting prominent atheists in this way. Do come over and lend your support.

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