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Next time someone irritates me in a queue, I'm going to lump them. Only mildly, mind you, because mild is OK. I wonder how "mild" Mr Miah considered his fracture of the jaw to be, on a scale of one to ten? Or what the sentence might have been if he'd had a broken nose as well? Or a blacked eye - or a few juicy stab wounds?
Of course, I'm not religious, so this would clearly be an unwise course of action. Even the thought of being hauled into court and finding the bench occupied by such as Ms Blair chills my blood.
What exactly is the point of a judge saying that this isn't acceptable behaviour, when she's already given her words the lie by handing down a suspended sentence? Sheesh.

This is a splendid piece, requiring a wider readership.

Thu, 11 Feb 2010 13:43:00 UTC | #440528