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I suspect there's some political motive here

note the violent offender is muslim. if he was catholic she would have known better than to reduce sentence as that would be blatent secterianism but this looks like the greater part of her husbands aim to get peace and harmony between religious groups and circle the waggons against critical enquiry in the process

the result seems a clear message, "we're not islamaphobes, we catholics are lovely people who all want peace"

It's another swipe at atheists as Brown has commented. got nothing to do with her faith or his but everything to do with the encroaching criticism of what goes on in both faiths

someone who truly believed in a greater religious good would want to make an example of this man. this is the action of someone expanding a members only club and she needs disciplining for it

she is a nasty sick individual and as such i would not expect her to know any better so presumibly by her own logic, she needs a particularly hard sentence

Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:06:00 UTC | #440542