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Comment #460224 by Steve Zara

If it is about remorse, she should be surely very harsh on Catholics, who can go to confession the next day, and walk out remorse-free? Because God frees people of the moral and emotional consequences of their sin in the confessional, punishments on Earth will have to be greater.

Yes, you would think so.

Therefore he who has fallen into grievous sin must either make an act of perfect contrition or supplement the imperfect contrition by receiving the Sacrament of Penance.

I would say that no-one would be remorse-free, unless they're psychopaths, or their contrition arises from the love of God, which provides an odd sort of equivalence between psychopathy and Godly. Unless that's a fallacious enthymeme.

EDIT: But I suspect the religious think that even though contrition is possible they are still more *aware* of their sin (than heathens), hence more remorseful. Again, only my speculation.

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