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Stories of resurrections of people like JC never really surprised me. Imagine what it would have been like to be a follower of him. Everything's going great, he's stickin' it to the man, standin' up for the poor, being all messianic and then suddenly he gets arrested and executed. Bummer. So you and your mates are sitting there, hidden away in a hovel trying to rationalise the events that just happened. You believe, no you know, that Jesus was the messiah... so how could he be dead? He couldn't be. He's not. He rose from the dead! But why die in the first place? Must have had a good reason, right? Then there was all that suffering he went through... Well it must have been for something important so... etc. You see where it's going...

Oh, and if the body was missing from the tomb, that'd an even more obvious conclusion.

It's funny how, when I was a Christian, I was never convinced by the arguments for the occurrence of the resurrection, they seemed terribly pleading, but then like the dutiful Christian I was I just jumped o'er the incongruity and carried on believing.

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