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I now regard Christianity as the "Yeah, that's the ticket" religion (via the comic Jon Lovitz skits at Saturday Night Live done in the eighties).

I can imagine the early fabricators of the Jesus-is-divine myth saying stuff like, "Jesus is so special that he could walk on water" and "Jesus is more than special because he fed a lot of people with a few fishes and loaves" and finally a la the Four Yorkshire Men route, "Jesus makes special seem ordinary because he was able to rise from the dead."

Here's a vid of that Yorkshire Monty Python skit just in case there are some who haven't seen it:

What was done for Jesus is kind of what is done for Chuck Norris today (each made-up, described feat of his becomes more and more impossible), though for Norris it has been done in a deliberately obvious and hilarious way-over-the-top fashion.

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