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Just from a human-behaviour standpoint, the resurrection story doesn't hold up.

I mean, according to that story, Jesus was enough of a threat that the Jewish authorities of the time a) kept a keen eye on him and his followers, b) paid an informer in Jesus's retinue for information (Judas), c) petitioned the Roman rulers to get Jesus executed.

And then, after eliminating this man they saw as a threat, they don't keep an eye on his group to insure someone else doesn't step into his shoes to proclaim Jesus a martyr and make even more trouble£ Yeah, sure, right.

According to the legend, Jesus after rising wasn't exactly keeping a low profile -- if the Jewish authorities had been keeping even a minimal watch on Jesus's group (normal behaviour to monitor possible trouble groups), somebody would have said, "Hey, that dude is back -- or maybe he had a twin brother -- we better break this up."

Doesn't wash...

Fri, 12 Feb 2010 16:22:00 UTC | #440892