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Peter Capon, a lay member of Synod from Manchester diocese who tabled the Private Member’s Motion on the compatibility of science and religious belief, said that Christians believe the world exists because of the will of God whereas atheists consider this to be a “complete delusion”.

That's because it is a "complete delusion"

"We wish to refute the perception that you have to choose between science and faith.

If we're talking in terms of epistemology, you certainly do have to choose. Of course it's:

perfectly possible to believe in God and Darwin's theory of evolution

but that's completely beside the point. I don't understand why that's so hard to understand.

"We wish to refute the crude caricature of faith, as being blind and irrational, propagated by some atheist scientists."

Ah, yes, just keep telling yourself that you're ever so wise and rational, that science in itself is a religion of sorts, and that your religion is just a "different way of knowing," etc. etc.

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