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She said: "However close to the truth scientific and mathematical theory brings us, it remains an approximation.

"There are degrees of accuracy it cannot achieve. Somewhere in the remaining mystery is God."

To borrow from a book I am reading the difference between the theoretical and experimental values of the magnetic moment of the electron is within 10^10. This is like calculating the distance from the Empire State Building to the Eiffel Tower with an accuracy of a millimeter. Their God is small and getting smaller.

Religion can explain areas of existence that science cannot.

Like what is the purpose of existence and why are we here I assume. Except they can't because the minute you press them on the detail like `ok so why does God make earthquakes' they retreat to it God's plan being a mystery you can't understand.

I was however interested to see

... some Christians are sceptical about science because it represents “... [deleted] ... capitulation to western culture”

Man the barricades comrades! Seriously what is their opposition to western culture?


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