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← Atheists are wrong to claim science and religion are incompatible, Church of England says

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Here we go again, the Church wanting their cake and eating it. As many people have said this is a logical fallacy. You either believe that we came from Adam and Eve, which is totally incompatible with Darwinian Evolution, or you believe in Evolution which is totally incompatible with the Bible; they can’t have it both ways.

Sorry I can't let you get away with that. Given Gen 1 is is incompatible with Gen 2 (Look at the chronology, the ill disguised join of the redactor, the different vocab etc). Our disbelief in both has nothing very much to do with evolution or Darwin and far more to do with the work of the Higher Critics whose work can be traced back as far a Erasmus in the 1500's although it really took in the 1700s. Darwin did give the whole thing a kick start again.

So much of this debate is framed and viewed through the argument between certain forms of North American Protestantism. Well America is not the World, it is not even all of the west.

The science religion incompatiblity has very little to do with the bible, The gods of the bible could be just as capricious and violent as nature sometimes seems to be.

The real incompatibilty is between the good and almighty God most Anglican Christian believe in and the world that evolution reveals is that God is supposed to have created. That process requires an awful lot of suffering. Nature red in tooth and claw so to speak.

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