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flying goose

I said you would be missed during your Lent break and I think some of the above shows why.

'Exasperation' aside this has been a good thread, largely because of the comments that have been generated around you.

You said that you think that the thread has been derailed as a consequence. Maybe, but most are eventually.

If we only had atheists on here, the conversations would not be so deep and wide ranging. I do find it hard to fathom the contortions you get into to justify your faith. But you let us see how difficult it is for even intelligent people like yorself to travel the short distance from the agnosticism you now seem to adopt, to full blown unbelief.

Sometimes your comments suggest you are close to the tipping point, and then you draw back from the edge.

Keep on posting, we may snare you yet.

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 19:16:00 UTC | #441339