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Why, oh why do these memes spread? First there was Y2K. Now 2012. It makes me think to The Extended Phenotype when Richard said, "There are some falsehoods, or half-truths, that seem to engender in us an active desire to believe them and pass them on even if we find them unpleaant, maybe in part, perversely, because we find them unpleasant." Oh, that is so true. The question is why? I have often wondered if people get perverse delight out of believing-- and yes, sincerely believing-- that the 2012 nonsense is true. Really, it does seem like people get a perverse joy out of these things.

Then again, maybe they will vote for Sarah Palin because they think she will bring on end days by nuking everything and that will lead to the rapture and they'll get to go to heaven and hang out with Jebus while the rest of us die and go to hell to live with SATAN!!!!!!!


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