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There is a problem with being given evidence of efficacy for homeopathy in the form of "proper trails published in peer-reviewed journals".

When I have followed these up I have generally either been unable to track down the papers at all (online) or they have not offered the support for homeopathy that the person had claimed. Very often, proper references or links are not given so it can be too time consuming to bother with. However, one which I was told "proved" that homeopathy worked is mentioned on the NHS Directory Complementary therapies site - it says:

"In another study (Belougne-Malfatti et al, 1998), it was found that homeopathic doses of aspirin had significant effects on platelet aggregation and in reducing bleeding time. As normal doses of aspirin increase bleeding time, it was predicted that homeopathic doses would reduce it, a prediction that was verified in this study."

The NHS site doesn't appear to give proper references (tut tut) but if it says the study exists, it MUST be true mustn't it? [/sarcasm]

Does anyone know anything about this - or have the time to track it down?

Thu, 18 Feb 2010 14:04:00 UTC | #442128