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← Maher: Media treated Haiti as ‘disaster porn’

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Maher has a point: the media picks its pet topics and focuses on them at the expense of others.

Kudos to Maher for bringing up the Congo conflict at least. How many people have even heard of the Second Congo War, the most lethal conflict since World War II? Or the continuing horrors in Kivu, or the systematic use of rape as an instrument of ethnic cleansing, or the ethnic cleansing BY CANNIBALISM of pygmies in the north?

Maher also has a good point about celebrities being instrumental in raising awareness of problems. I'd suggest HE head to the Congo and do some awareness-raising since he seems so concerned, but a real celebrity might do a better job of getting the public's attention. Jon Stewart, maybe?

Thu, 18 Feb 2010 14:29:00 UTC | #442132