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I've just called this Rabbi to tell him about plate tectonics. It turns out that he is aware of this phenomenon but thinks that it is merely the method used by God to inflict his punishment. We spoke at some length, and at no point could he see the persecution of gays as any way similar to the persecution of Jews, even when I pointed out the common mediaeval practice of blaming the Jews for crop failures, storms and other disasters.
Like many homophobes, he seemed a little obsessed with the more extreme practices (real and imagined) and mentioned "fisting, golden showers and gerbils", and believed that homosexuality but not religion was being pushed on people, that homosexuals were fighting not for civil rights, but for the right "to copulate in the street like dogs".
Oddly, he seemed to have no problem with lesbianism (which I brought up to counter his "argument" that homosexuality is generally associated with increased promiscuity and risk of disease.) He explained that this is to do with the Talmudic prohibition on "spilling one's seed".
He then went in to some detail about his own Talmudic sexual practices (lights off, only certain days of the month).
It wasn't a very productive conversation but we both remained civil. He assured me he doesn't hate homosexuals, and only takes issue with those who promote and flaunt homosexuality. I responded that my view on religion was very similar. He told me he hoped I would be happy - "but not gay". When I replied that I wasn't gay (he had simply assumed I was), he then wished me double happiness! I thanked him for his time and left it at that.

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