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The biggest problems in existence with regards to politics is the popularity idea. Presidents, Senators, Prime Minsters, etc... don't have to be smart or have any intelligence at all, in fact most voters would prefer they didn't. Politics doesn't appear to be about who's the best to run the country and more about identifying with the person who voters thing should run the country.

As many have noted, Sarah Palin is not intelligent enough to be president but then most Americans are dumb enough to vote her in based on the fact she's "just like them" and she's supposedly pretty. She's scary so I can't find her pretty. The vacancy sign in place of her brain is what scares me. If she does decide to run, which won't surprise me a bit, then I wouldn't be surprised she won because American politics has nothing to do with policy, more do do with, "hey look at me!"

Most Americans don't understand policies and with the Republicans and Democrats constantly catering to one part of the public it's no wonder why they don't seem much different these days.

Ah America the most warped country on the planet.

Thu, 18 Feb 2010 17:26:00 UTC | #442172