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I want to try to help the readers of Dawkin's site understand something so strange to their intellects that it seems stranger than humans saddling dinosaurs.

First, I totally enjoy this site and the communications offered. But, there is another reality totally believed by strange minds, and the readers of this site need to do a bit of research on religious history in the U.S.

Long ago (1831), Alexis De Toqueville, a brilliant young French philosopher and intellect visited America, and wrote a two volume treatise about his observations. One of his observations was: "America is filled with religious insanity."

So, to help you understand one side of Palin (and American politics), remember the type of religious organization of which she is a member. These people totally believe in biblical inerrancy, witchcraft, demons, the laying on of hands, speaking in strange tongues, etc. I repeat, they totally believe (minds closed to any other possible reality).

For instance, often, the laying on of hands causes the person to fall to the floor and have what looks like a grand mall seizure. The congregation swoons. Or, a person rapidly speaks a form of language no one else can understand. The congregation swoons. Now, the laying on of hands, etc. does not work on anyone other than a believer.

Regardless of the fact that in all the oldest cave paintings around parts of the world (some dated as old as 70,000 years), and none with written language captions, animals are depicted, some of which have long been extinct. Not a single one shows a drawing of a dinosaur. Yet, these people BELIEVE totally, that the universe is between five and ten thousand years old -- to hell with evidence, like measurable distances and the speed of light or ice cores with over a hundred thousand seasonal/annual markings -- and on and on. Truly, they put faith in belief so far above factual evidence that a rational mind can't grasp the significance of such a surrender of intellect to a form of sorcery.

These people are immune to rationality -- and any reality not within the scope of their infinite circle of belief is not even considered -- and it is a infinite circle, resistant to, and devoid of, allowed critical thinking.

Dawkins comment above about political realities is rational. But, these anti-evolution religious fundamentalist (belief/faith fanatics)are immune to rational realities. I repeat, they BELIEVE, period, and evidence be damned. Plus, and even in religious terms, there is one question never asked of themselves, especially about a very possible Armageddon: Am I serving God or Satan with my faith/beliefs?

So readers, get off your lazy butts and do some research into religious beliefs and such hypnotic spells cast upon non-questioning believers. Do some research on Christian Reconstructionism and Dominionism in the U.S. (you can start online) Know who you are talking about from R.J.Rushdonny, to the C Street believers, to all the way to the believers in Congress, the government in general and, especially the courts and the graduates of a few religious universities already found in government (look at their educational bios). Don't rely on your brilliance or brilliant comments, do a bit of actual work -- and know.

Finally, thanks Richard Dawkins, I enjoy your lectures, the debates you participate in, and your service to reality science. But friend, when it comes to the power of "I believe totally because I think I believe totally," you have only scratched the surface of "America is filled with religious insanity." !!! Richard, it is far more dangerous than you can imagine simply because a rational mind can't go there without becoming either infected or religiously insane -- blinding the eye of reason.

But you can, like a flat rock over water, skip along the surface with enough maintained energy not to sink within the depths. Be careful though, slow down too much and you might sink below the surface and drown your free reasoning ability -- forever.


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